Arson attack against Holosiivskyi District Court in Kiev


We – the anarchists confirm that at about 03:00 AM on the morning of April 8, 2016 an attack was made against the Holosiivskyi District Court of Kiev. 4 bottles of flammable mixture were thrown at the southern part of the courthouse, 2 of which flew into the office of judge Didyk. As a result, a fire started in the office that burned documents and other property. In the morning, various media reported to the public about this attack. Police and Security Services issued a number of different versions and assumptions about the attackers and their targets. Throughout the day, TV and internet resources strongly exaggerated the news and presented it with the same speculation and guesswork that was given by the police, the military prosecutor’s office and the SBU.

The judge whose office was damaged was provided with a State Guard by order of the President of Ukraine. It so happened that our attack occured on the eve of a meeting regarding one of the high-profile cases being considered by the same judge. The media have developed a relationship between the arson and the trial. We would like to explain that the real motives of our attack are much deeper and wider. We have no relationship with business gereushnikov Aleksadrov and Yerofeyev. Moreover, we consider the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Authority – Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) as well as all of the RF Ministry of Defense as enemies.

Why did we choose ‘Holosiivyski district court’? Because this court is more notorious than any other in the nation. It is like a symbol of evil and deceit. On trumped-up cases under the control of the regime judges give terrible and unjust sentences. Let us recall the ‘Pavlicenko affair’. On October 2nd, 2012 Holosiivyski district court of Kiev sentenced a decent person – Dimitry Pavlichenko to life imprisonment! The judiciary carried out what was required by prosecutors and the Interior Ministry. Even after the resignation of President Dmitry and the government nothing changed. After Euromaidan the courts have not changed. Today, examples of absurd judgements can still be cited. The common people once faced with the modern judicial system learn all about ‘justice’.

We oppose all the current judiciary. The state, being our enemy, in the course of its development, has acquired various institutions that perform functions of suppression and punishment. As a rule, all these aspect separately or in their totality, stifle our freedom and are used against us. The government of the country are true criminals, but the real criminals are in the Interior Ministry and SBU.

The prison system and state institutions that operate it never had the respect of the majority of the people. The is due to several reasons that have emerged during the existence of the state. Corrupt judge stand on the side of power and capital making unjust decisions, sentences and convictions against people struggle with poverty everyday. The list is endless. Around the world courts take away the freedom of people. Recognizing and endorsing such a state of affairs is only possible for power but not the freethinking people. Therefore, all that is recognized by the powers that be, we deny. We will not tolerate or maintain the status quo. We free ourselves from the system via the practical denial of it, and the destruction of its implementation mechanisms.

Our solidarity greetings to all prisoners and to those who are on the run!

Brothers and sisters, resist until we are all free!

Group of Anarchists