Kiev: anarchists burned down a car Acura MDX


May 19, 2018 at 4:05 am we set fire to the mid-size crossover Acura MDX, located in a guarded parking lot in General Naumov street, the city of Kiev. The car burnt completely.

Why to destroy the property of wealthy citizens? Much has been said that it’s good, right and generally necessary. Therefore, in this report we want to mention a little more technical details of the action, which will be useful for active anarchists.

For this arson, we took several liters of gasoline and a few pieces of clothes from the garbage found nearby. We acted in three approaches. The first time we came to the parking lot around midnight, but two guard dogs and an alert guard, who had got out of his box on the barking, prevented us from carrying out our plans. After inspecting the territory of the parking lot with a lantern and checking the integrity of the fence in several places, he retired. It was decided to wait until 3-4 in the morning. Having walked around the adjacent Svyatoshinsky forest we were once again convinced of the completely boorish and disregard for nature from local businessmen (all forest roads were broken by dump trucks), then we returned to the scene. The dogs and the guard were sleeping soundly. Having crept to the fence on the side of the forest belt, with the help of metal scissors, we cut out a very convenient passage directly opposite the car that interested us, through this passage we entered the parking lot. Further, the wheel located on the side of the gas tank was tightly covered with a knitted sweater and a fur coat. The remains of the fur coat were put under the bumper. Then we went to fertch the gasoline. Returning with a bottle of gas, one of the comrades stayed to shoot the video, the other got to the car and abundantly poured fuel on the cover, making a small path for ignition. They set on fire by dropping a hunting match.

Having run away into the forest for about 200-300 meters, we switched on the radio at the frequency of the patrol police of Svyatoshinsky district (172.225 MHz) and began to listen carefully. The duty officer reported to the crews about the fire about 15 minutes after the arson, by this time we had managed to retire about 1.5 kilometers from the scene.

Once again the fire fighters of the 9th State Fire and Rescue Unit reacted not at all expeditiously. The fire was reported to the operational and coordination center of the State Administration of Emergency Situations about 13 minutes after the arson, but the fire was only extinguished after 1 hour and 24 minutes. The last time the anarchists set fire in the same area, the Range Rover Evoque burned for about 50 minutes and was also completely destroyed by fire.

Provocation and sabotage!

The worse the order, the better!

group of anarchist retribution “Svyatoshino raggery”