Kiev: anarchists set on fire 2 excavators


Near the fish farm “Nyvky” on the territory of Svyatoshynskyi ponds, located on the Nivka river, two dragline excavators were burned.

23.06.2017, about 1 a.m., the anarchists approached earth-moving machines, which for months were destroying nature. On the way to the place it was discovered that the roads running through the Belichansky forest were heavily damaged by dump trucks. The indignation of the arsonists was unlimited.

While the guards were quietly sitting in their cabins with the lights on, the guerrillas without any difficulties climbed at the machines.

The EO-4111 excavator was mechanically damaged, and 2 EO-3211 excavators were set on fire. To do this, each diesel engine D-65 was carefully lined with rags and diligently poured with 6 liters of incendiary mixture. Nearby was laying the old truck cover, it was also placed near one engine. Excavators burned very well!

Today, any evil for the sake of profit destroys the natural heritage. The power of the oligarchs indulges to it.You do not have to put up with this.

Fight with the destroyers and invaders of nature!

Rivers, lakes and forests should be accessible to everyone!

Anarchists / FAI

Kiev, June 2017