Ukraine: arson cell tower Lifecell


Anarchists continue to destroy the economy of Erdogan’s dictatorial regime. On the night of March 8 to 9, another Lifecell base station (read Turkcell) burned down. Arsonists published a communiqué in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. The place of sabotage is not reported:

We have set fire to the tower of Turkish operator Lifecell / Turkcell because the company supports Erdogan’s violent policy against theanti-authoritarian movement in Kurdistan.

On the night of March 8 to 9, we send a fiery hello to all the womenfighters in Rojava, Bakur and Bashur. Hello YJA STAR, YPJ, IFB and othervolunteer volunteers! Erdogan, a Turkish dictator, «damn brother and comrade,» must die.

Death to all tyrants – from Erdogan to Putin!

Children of Mother Anarchy