Ukraine: State Savings Bank attacked with molotovs

Received and translated on 01.05.2016:

On the eve of ‘International Workers Day’, we – the anarchists paid a visit to the State Savings Bank of Ukraine. Three molotov cocktails were thrown into the windows of this establishment.

Workers always bent back to the state so the state could receive dividends and huge profits. Today the situation is the same: labor is still at the disposal of the oligarchy instead of the workers themselves. Different state and credit institutions leech off this state of affairs via speculation and usury. They force people to pay for their own slavery, drawing them into even greater debt to the bourgeoisie. Retaining and supporting the work of the banks, the ruling classes plunder us. We believe that everything produced in this country and the world should be social in character, the results should be at the disposal to the whole of society. All available material goods should be available to any person without an intermediary parasite.

“This form of society, which is legalized robbery and murder, must be destroyed to give way to a free society of voluntary association and universal brotherhood” – August Spies

Descendants of August Spies